We adopted Miss Emma Lou from the Summit County Animal Shelter in the autumn of 2006.  She was 3 years old at the time and had been in the shelter for quite a long time.  We saw her in one of the cages dipping her front paw into her water bowl and then licking the water off.  I thought she was on the way to going insane.  So we adopted her.  She was quite a handful for a number of years.  It was obvious she had been abused.  She was scared of newspapers and didn’t hesitate to bite if you were not very careful.  But we endured.  She is now going to be 16 years old this March and she is a loving, wonderful kitty.  Although, you still have to know when she does not want to be touched or petted (which has become easy for us to recognize).  It was worth all the bites to give her a forever home and have her give us love in return.
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