This team has tons of compassion and huge hearts. They treat my fur children like family and are always available when my pet is in need of attention at the last minute. I never feel rushed and always get all of my questions answered. I have been going to this clinic for 20 years and will continue.

Noreen Galaba

My dogs are really important to me and that means to me that finding the “right” veterinary care is about a lot more than just who is close, who is open or who is cheapest. Here are a few of the reasons I have chosen Breckenridge Animal Clinic and Dr. Caroline Cervelli to take care of our dogs. 1] Skill. At some level, this is paramount, because I want my girls with me and comfortable for as long as possible. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Cervelli and the BAC team because we have been through some tricky issues and I have always gotten good advice with a complete and open discussion of alternative treatment options. For example, when Missy developed cataracts, this was an issue that required selecting a specialist which Dr Cervelli was really helpful with. She also stayed aware of the treatment [surgery] and follow up which gave me a lot of confidence in what we were doing. 2] Caring. The whole staff at BAC really truly cares about the best outcome for my pets. My dogs have a real ability to discern who is their friend and who is just faking it, and they love going to the vet at BAC because everyone from the front desk staff through the technicians and Dr. Cervelli have their complete trust. Going to the vet is an outing, not a chore. 3] Communication. My dogs are in their senior years now, and that means more frequent visits to the vet with some new and sometimes scary issues. When Abby started having seizures, I was very worried about what might be next. But Dr. Cervelli carefully explained the possible causes, what we should do to find the root cause, and what the course of treatment would be. And today, Abby is doing great and I am confident that we have a real partnership in getting her all the best days we can. I am truly grateful.

Richard and Barbara Oliver

I couldn’t be more thankful for the whole staff at Breckenridge Animal Clinic. My cats have been under their wonderful care for the last eight years. The care my cats have received is incredible. One of my cats is extremely difficult to work with. I find it amazing that their able to work on him with no problem at all. Truly unbelievable care from the whole staff. I would be lost without them. So thankful for what they have done for my cats. Absolutely the best!!!!!


Words can’t express how amazing the team at Breck Animal Clinic have been to us through the years. We have gone through some of the worst times, putting our sweet girl down, to some of the best, inviting new members into our family. Their deep love, passion, and care for every animal goes unmatched. Dr. Ed, Dr. Caroline, and Dr. Libby are quite literally the best and most knowledgeable in town. Thank you guys for loving our babies just as much as we do!

Cara and Taylor Hustead