Adjust and Align

Dr. Ed is trained in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation using the activator technique.
Many people may be surprised to hear that chiropractic services are available for animals as well as humans, however, veterinary chiropractic adjustment has many of the same benefits for our four legged friends. Chiropractic adjustments for canines are especially effective for dogs that have spine or hip issues, soreness, chronic limps or other skeletal or muscular issues.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a healing technique that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that are blocked due to what is commonly known as a “spinal subluxation”. A spinal subluxation occurs when a spinal bone or vertebrae moves from it’s normal position to one that causes the animal pain by impinging on the muscle, nerve or spinal cord.

The activator technique uses a small, hand held device to adjust the bones of the spine, hips or other joints back to their normal position, re-establishing neuronal communication and inducing healing. The treatment is painless and only takes a few minutes.

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