Protect Your Pet with microchip permanent identification

There’s nothing more devastating than losing a pet, but with microchip identification, you can significantly improve your chances of being reunited with your dog or cat. Statistics show that one in three pets goes missing during its lifetime, and without permanent identification like a microchip, 90% never return home. Protect your pet with microchip identification that, unlike a tag on his collar, can never be lost, and enjoy a long life with your best friend!

We offer microchip identification in Summit County for your cat or dog.

FOUND After 6 Years! Cedar’s Story

I bought a male Vizsla 9 years ago when I was 28 years old. I was training him to bird hunt, and completely fell in love with this little guy. He has such a personality. About 2 years after I had him, he went missing from my house. Immediately I had a search crew looking for him. We found his collar and his tags in the road, and I knew someone had taken him. Some of my friends were skeptical because we live high in the Rocky Mountains in a ski resort town called Breckenridge – in CO. Some of my friends thought he was eaten by a mountain lion, others thought he got stuck in the snow, and even others through he got into trouble while sniffing around chasing chipmunks like he loved to do. Where we live there are a lot of second home owners, where people come up for the weekends from Denver – which is about a 2 hour drive. A friend told me she thought he got locked in someone’s garage by accident. Imagine the horror! My baby (that I never had at 28 years old!) was GONE, completely disappeared. I was absolutely devastated. Not to mention, I was moving to Hawaii at the time and had him ready to go with all the shots and paperwork. I left him for 120 days to quarantine him in CO so he wouldn’t have to live in the dog kennel in Honolulu. When I came back after 120 days to pick him up, he disappeared. I saw him for 5 days and then he was gone.

After I realized that he was gone, and not coming back, I put posters up everywhere, I broadcast my missing child all over the radio and internet. Nothing. I was DEVASTATED! I extended my stay in CO for 3 more weeks to look for him. Afterwards, with a very heavy heart moved on to Hawaii. My job was beckoning. After 3 weeks of living there, I just couldn’t do it. I had to come home to see if I could find my baby. Well, that never happened. I ended up getting another dog – a little yellow lab named Daffodil. And I moved on. During this time I got engaged, got another lab, got married, move in with my husband, found a new job, and life went on without Cedar.

6 years later, one day when I was driving home from work, I checked my voice mail and it was someone from HomeAgain saying “We think we found your lost pet”, “I WAS LIKE OMG!!!! It’s CEEEEEDAR!!!” I pulled the car over and started crying SO HARD. I was balling my eyes out because I knew he had been found. I never believed in microchips and never got another pet chipped. Well, little did I know they do work. SIX YEARS later, Cedar and I were reunited.

A woman in Denver found him on the side of the road, rescued the little guy and took him to a vet like a responsible person would. We think he was a back yard dog in Denver, not paid much attention to at all. It was a definite adjustment period for everyone, including our backyard chickens! It’s not a good idea to have chickens and a bird dog, but we had to make it work. We had our 2 acre property fenced with an electric fence, but we didn’t fence out the chickens because our labs were fine with them. Well, whenever Cedar goes missing, I find him INSIDE the chicken coup just hanging out with them! It is the funniest thing ever. There was a re-training period that had to happen because he did not know any commands. I even had a friend talk to him in Spanish, in case he was in a different household.

Anyway, the story goes on but I am so thankful and blessed by God that he is back home.
Thank you again! He is so happy to be home and we are too!

~Kristen Prol, Breckenridge, CO

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